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3 Things That Would Make Your Church Experience Remarkable Growth


Once a person starts a church, the next thing they want to see is remarkable growth. It is important to know that a church cannot just grow by itself if you are not putting efforts to make it grow. Starting from a small congregation to a huge congregation takes time and work. You would really to be focused as the leader and have a clearer vision of where you want to be a few years from now. This is one of the secrets that the leaders from any summerville churches, SC have come to know. If you want to see your church grow into a huge congregation, you need to bear the following in mind:


The first thing you need to do is to boost your accountability when dealing with money. Most people have left various churches because the leader was not trustworthy and accountable for the money the congregants gave. As the leader, you should have a reputable team that would handle all the money the church gets without you being involved. Those you choose to head the financial docket should be people of integrity and transparency. What most of your church members would love to see is having the church money do what you had committed or promised to them it would do.


Secondly, you need to come up with good and able men who would be in charge of the development committee. For any church to grow within a short time, it needs to have people with a developmental mind and people who know how to get funds from reliable sources. Most of the congregants would always like to identify with a growing or developing church. This means there have to be some people with development ideas that would change the face the church in future. For instance, you need people who would think of how to build a childcare facility, nursery classes, buy a church tent for missions and ministry work, build a prayer center, and probably construct a bible school as you proceed.


Finally, Old Fort sc church leader needs to focus on the right doctrines to build the spiritual faith of the congregants. One of the things a church leader should not tire to preach on is about the true love among believers. The leader needs to let the believers know that love is a cardinal or core value in their ministry work. When those you are leading embrace each other in love, everything else would just flow and they would be happy when some of them progress in life instead of being jealous. This way, any church in Summerville, SC would grow both structurally and in doctrine.