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Are you Looking for a Place to Worship?


When visiting Summerville and looking for a place to worship Summerville Baptist Church is the place to go. Many people while visiting a new church for the first time they have many questions in their heads. For instance, one might tend to worry about the dress code if one is visiting from the city. In most cases the dressing code for people in the city and the people in the countryside are very different. In Kings Grant church even if most of the women are in skirts and dresses and the pastors and some of the other men being in suits or even jackets the dress code isn't a concern as long as the guest feel comfortable.


A church with an ample parking is what many people tend to prefer and about this, the parking is on the front of the church or on the sides. The ushers in the church are quite friendly and they welcome visitors warmly into the church. The whole Summerville Baptist Church community loves visitors and it is usually an honor to have visitors join in their services. Worship is not as it is in some of the city churches since Summerville Baptist church worship services style is traditional. By saying traditional, it means that it comprises of gospel hymns and choruses and their preaching is from the King James Bible.


At the church they like acknowledging visitors and therefore they have something they call a "connection card" and it is usually at the back of the chairs. The connection card helps in recording ones visit and at other times, the church would like to send a thankyou letter for worshipping with them. It is important to fill in the form but it is not necessary actually. One can give the card to an usher, the pastor or they can place it in the offering bag. As a member of the church, there is collection of tithes and offering which is also a form of worship but the guests should not feel any pressure to participate. The collection of tithes and offerings is usually at the time of worship.


Summerville Baptist church is the place for you to be in the worship of God. The services program on Sunday is as follows; Sunday School which is as from 9:45am, Sunday morning worship service which is as from 11 0clock and Sunday evening worship service which is at 6:00 pm. There is a midweek service, which is on Wednesdays evening at 7:00 pm.